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Mental Health assessment

Movinture helps medical companies to automate the assessment for patients facing mental health issues. 

We offer solutions on the cloud, for conducting tests in the form of surveys for assessing the pre and post treatment analysis for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
A simple to use app for conducting surveys either by the therapists , caregivers as well as  patients, to take surveys by selecting answers from a given set of questions.
3 types of surveys are available in the app viz, SFSS , PHQ9 and ACE. These tests help to monitor patients for various mental health conditions.
A dashboard for monitoring scores from these surveys is available for trends across months which helps in the diagnosis process

World Statistics

1. As per the World health organizational disorders or problem

  • Depression is a common mental disorder and one of the main causes of disability worldwide. Globally, an estimated 264 million people are affected by depression
  • Bipolar disorder affects about 45 million people worldwide. It typically consists of both manic and depressive episodes separated by periods of normal mood.
  • Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder, affecting 20 million people worldwide
  • Worldwide, approximately 50 million people have dementia.

2. Around 20% of the world’s children and adolescents have mental disorders or problem

About 14% of the global burden of disease is attributed to neuropsychiatric disorders.

On a global level, over 322.48 million people worldwide suffer from some form of mental illness.

Some of the Mental Health Conditions








Eating Disorders







What are the factors promoting Mental illness?

Various socio-economic factors are responsible for the onset of mental illness amongst individual around the world.

  • Stress
  • Chronic Sleep Problems
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Certain Medication
  • Substance Abuse
  • Major Life Changes
  • Low Socioeconomic Status
  • Family History & Genetics
  • Physical Abuse
  • Age & Gender